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Tripping your circuit breaker once is annoying, but when it happens every time you run your AC, it’s a bigger problem. You need to keep resetting the breaker just to beat the Indian Wells, CA heat. Take a look at some of the common reasons why your AC keeps tripping your circuit breaker.

Bad Breaker

A tripped breaker can occur because the breaker itself is bad. It can happen as soon as you turn on the AC or after you run it for five minutes or longer. With AC services for new construction, you ensure that the electric and HVAC systems work together.

Dirty Parts

When you have a dirty AC filter, the blower must work harder to keep your home comfortable. Everything from dust and pet hair to pollen and chemicals can add to this buildup. Changing the filter should help.

A dirty outside unit can also lead to tripped breakers. The buildup keeps the AC from running efficiently and may force it to draw too much power. When your AC uses more energy than it should, it can cause a breaker to trip.

Wrong Breaker Size

Each circuit breaker corresponds to a different room or outlet group like those that power the appliances in your kitchen. One reason it keeps tripping when you run the AC is that it isn’t large enough to power the system. This often happens when you upgrade to central air without upgrading your breaker.

Damaged Coil Fan

The coil fan is an internal fan that passes air over the evaporator coils and transports the cold air produced through the ducts. It is susceptible to damage from normal wear and tear but can also break when used often. A damaged fan causes the AC to draw more power than the breaker can supply.

These are just some of the reasons why your AC trips your breaker. We help Dallas, TX homeowners identify other causes such as loose wiring, a faulty motor, or damaged parts. Call Vic’s Air Conditioning Service today to see how quickly we can get to the root of your breaker problem and handle the AC repair you need.

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