Mini Splits

What are Mini Splits?

With a mini splits ductless system it doesn’t matter if you live in a new home or an older one you can control the climate in a specific room or area of your home. Ductless systems are an efficient way to maintain your comfort, no matter what challenges your space presents.


For a space that may not be connected to your home’s central HVAC, Ductless offers compact cooling and heating power to keep these enclosed spaces comfortable.


Ductless works best in rooms with tight spaces and/or hard-to-control temperatures. Inverter technology allows the system to run longer cycles at lower fan speeds which helps the system dehumidify while cooling. Less humidity means more comfort.

Are these systems energy efficient?

The systems are energy efficient and the configuration options that Ductless units offer can also result in greater energy savings. When you target only the areas of your home you want to heat or cool, you’re not wasting energy on rooms that are not being occupied or don’t get as much use.

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