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A smart thermostat is a device that helps you control the temperature of your home automatically from your iPhone, smart speaker, tablet or computer. You can program it to serve your needs, or you can let the smart thermostat learn your habits and preferences and develop an automatic schedule for your needs. Below is a closer look at what smart thermostats can do and the many benefits of investing in a smart thermostat in Thousand Palms, CA.

Lower Energy Cost

One of the top reasons for buying a smart thermostat is for the energy savings. With this device, it is easy to program your heating and cooling system to run less when you are not home, reducing energy consumption. The automatic program feature enables you to save more on energy bills compared to other thermostats.

The ability to set a schedule or access it remotely allows you to closely monitor energy usage and not waste energy at any time of the day or night. Based on research from ecobee, with a smart thermostat, some users are able you to save up to 23% on combined heating and cooling costs.[1]

Technology becomes more affordable every year. Thermostats range in price form $100 to $500, and the installation cost is just between $100 to $250.[1] Considering how the features let you make an dent in your bill, this is an investment that will pay for itself.

Control Temperature Remotely

A smart thermostat enables you to remotely control your home’s temperature from any Wi-Fi- or internet-connected device. If you can’t set a schedule on your smart thermostat because you never know exactly when you’ll be home, you can adjust your home temperature remotely before you arrive home.

If you are going to stay away on vacation for an extra few, you can easily switch off the systems, regulating energy consumption. Remote access means you can cut your energy usage and cost and avoid paying for the energy you didn’t benefit from.

Track Energy Usage

Smart thermostats have a tracking feature that enables users to monitor their energy usage. With this, you can come up with a profile that shows your energy consumption monthly.

Besides that, it can also show you how energy consumption will affect your energy cost in the future. A smart thermostat can also show you how to adjust the temperature preferences to come up with an efficient plan to suit your needs. By having a grasp of all this, you can save more on energy consumption, decreasing the energy bills.

Control and Watch Your Home

When you are at work, it is easy to worry about how things are running back at home. The heating and cooling system can break down when you are at work, without your knowledge.

With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can know how things are running at home. For instance, when you link your thermostat with your phone, you can receive a mail notification about temperature change at your apartment. Thus, you can call for one of our HVAC service providers to repair the unit before returning home.

Enhance Comfort

A smart thermostat will always ensure that you have the perfect temperature. This is by allowing you to come up with an energy schedule that matches your preferences. The onboard sensors can also adjust the temperature automatically depending on the climate.

Connect With Other Devices

The rise in technology innovation has played a significant role in improving the compatibility of smart devices. This implies that you can now connect your smart thermostat with several devices in your home.

For instance, you can connect smart thermostats with smart humidifiers and air purifiers. Thus, you can easily control search devices with a smart thermostat, if they are compatible. This will play a massive role in enhancing convenience and comfort.

Call Viv’s Air Condition today as we are available to help install, program or repair your smart thermostat. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about the benefits of a smart thermostat and your options.

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