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How much energy do you waste heating and cooling your home in La Quinta, CA? Even if you keep your system well-maintained and practice good energy habits, it’s probably more than you think. The reality is that all traditional HVAC systems waste some amount of energy because of the way they’re designed. One alternative that addresses many of these issues is the ductless multi-split. This technology provides direct heating and cooling via mounted indoor units that don’t require ducts to distribute air. To see how ductless multi-splits can help you save, let’s explore the factors that make them so efficient.

No More Leaks

In a central HVAC system, a considerable amount of the energy spent heating or cooling air is ultimately lost. That’s because the conditioned air must be distributed around your home through a network of ducts. This ductwork is often prone to leaking, particularly around the joints between each section. Further, ducts are usually not well-insulated and are commonly routed through spaces in your home that also lack insulation. The result is that up to 30% of your heating and cooling energy is lost as air travels through your ductwork.

A ductless multi-split system doesn’t have this problem. Each mounted unit conditions the air locally, so there’s no need for energy-wasting ductwork. This means you also don’t have to worry about poor duct routing, obstructed vents, or other issues that can impact efficiency. Ductless HVAC systems also tend to produce more consistent temperatures, allowing you to stay comfortable without cranking the thermostat.

Greater Control

With no need for extensive ductwork, multi-split systems can be installed practically anywhere. They can mount to most floors, walls, and ceilings, requiring only a three-inch conduit to connect to an outside unit. Each unit can also be controlled individually by its own separate thermostat. This superior versatility offers a tremendous amount of control over when and where you expend energy to condition your home.

This makes ductless systems ideal for instituting HVAC zoning. Zoning is the concept of dividing your home into distinct “zones” that are each controlled by a different thermostat. This allows you to dial back the climate controls in unoccupied zones without affecting your comfort. The result is much greater efficiency and lower utility costs each month. It can also ease the burden on your equipment, which means less need for heating and cooling services.

Advanced Technology

The best way to maximize your HVAC system’s efficiency is to generate only as much heating or cooling as necessary. This sounds obvious, but it isn’t always easy to achieve. The problem is that many systems are limited to operating at 100% of their heating or cooling capacity. This sometimes leads to overshooting the thermostat temperature and ultimately wasting energy. Fortunately, this is another problem that ductless multi-splits can solve. The key is a piece of technology called an inverter-driven compressor.

In contrast to traditional systems, multi-splits equipped with inverter-driven compressors can vary their output to maximize efficiency. They utilize sophisticated algorithms to determine exactly how much heating or cooling power is needed at a given time. This makes them far more effective at maintaining a consistent temperature and not overshooting your thermostat settings. This approach also comes with another benefit. Inverter-driven systems often operate for a longer period of time at a lower capacity. This longer duration helps to remove more moisture from the air, keeping you cooler even at the same air temperature. This means you can raise your set temperature without any loss of comfort.

Keeping your home comfortable doesn’t need to break the bank every month. With the right equipment, you can enjoy pleasant conditions all year long and still keep your utility costs in check. To learn more about how multi-split systems can help, check out Vic’s Air Conditioning’s ductless heating and cooling services or give us a call.

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