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If you’re worried about the threat of viruses, bacteria, and other indoor air pollutants in your home or business, you probably want to make sure every surface, nook, and cranny is effectively sterilized. With dry fogging, you don’t have to worry about demolishing walls and dealing with the stress and anxiety that comes with it. Below, we’ll discuss what dry fogging is as well as the benefits it brings to your Rancho Mirage, CA home or business.

What Is Dry Fogging?

Dry fogging is a type of cold sterilization that uses a non-toxic disinfectant released into the home’s air as a mist. The vapor reaches all parts of the room it’s in without making the surfaces of the room wet. This makes it easier to wipe down the surfaces and allows you to clean more of the room.

If you have a larger space, it’ll take longer to sterilize than a smaller room. While a small room may take a few minutes, a larger room can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

The Environmental Protection Agency has certified that the chemicals used in dry foggers are safe and won’t harm animals and humans. Dry foggers are widely used in the food industry, as well as in surgical and patient rooms in hospitals. Below are a few benefits that dry fogging provides.

Kills Bacteria

Dry fogging kills most of the harmful bacteria you regularly encounter, including the influenza virus. Dry fogging does leave behind any residue that can make people or animals sick. The fog reaches areas that are generally inaccessible, so nobody has to worry about infecting themselves and transmitting it to others when they come into contact with a surface previously inaccessible.

Kills Viruses

With the pandemic still raging, it’s essential to find a way to disinfect surfaces and limit the spread of viruses. To protect staff and visitors, dry foggers ensure one of the highest levels of protection when it comes to taking a stand against viruses. When you kill viruses in your home or business, the easier it is to stay healthy and live more of your life, so you don’t miss out on the moments that count the most.

Taking steps to prevent illness means that you not only don’t miss work or transmit it to someone else but also means that you avoid days, or even weeks, where you’re unable to enjoy your life.

Kills Spores

Along with bacteria and viruses, spores are another of the most common indoor air pollutants that affect indoor air quality that many people don’t even realize that they have in their homes. The droplet size in the mist from dry fogging is small enough to kill the spores, effectively preventing the spores from spreading. Dry fogging also helps to kill spores, bacteria, and viruses. Regular duct cleaning also helps to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.

More Effective

One of the greatest things about using dry fogging is that it’s one of the most effective methods to sterilize homes and businesses. If viruses or spores are your problem, dry fogging is far more effective at getting rid of those than other forms of spore removal. This is because the dry fogging process destroys the tiniest spores before they have a chance to grow and become visible to the naked eye, even when they grow in your ductwork.

Safe and Non-Toxic

The vapor produced by dry fogging is non-toxic and doesn’t leave a residue behind, which means that it won’t harm people, pets, or contaminate food. It also uses ingredients registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which means it’s safe for the environment. It’s also fully biodegradable.

When you want to ensure that your home and loved ones are safe from spores, bacteria, and viruses, dry fogging is an efficient, effective, and safe step to take. Contact Vic’s Air Conditioning Service today to learn more about how dry fogging keeps your indoor air quality healthy.

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