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If you are a homebuyer, you understand the lure that comes with purchasing an older home in Thousand Palms, CA. You can get an old-fashioned home with a classical architectural style for a relatively affordable price. However, an older house may pose some problems, such as these five HVAC issues.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Depending on the year of construction, your house may lack the current building standards requirements. Due to aging structural problems and gaps, your older houses may be liable to allowing outdoor unfiltered air into your home.

In addition, older homes constructed before the 1980s may contain asbestos insulation or roofing. The asbestos element increases the risk of damaging your lungs when you breathe in its particles.

Your home’s painting, chimney, and old plumbing system may also deteriorate your indoor air quality. Old piping systems may cause leaks or sewer backups that may cause foul smells and biological growth in your home.

Indoor air quality is vital to avoiding breathing-related complications and allergies in your home. Consequently, new constructions feature well-fitted windows and doors, better airflow, and modern energy-efficient air conditioning systems. So, you should ensure to revamp your home and replace the HVAC system for entering air purification.

Minimal Air Flow

You may often overlook your duct systems in regard to your HVAC system’s functioning. The air ducts play a critical part in moving heating or cooling air to different areas of your home. However, your ductwork may be susceptible to dirt, leaks, loose joints, and blockages, especially in an older home.

Leaks and loose joints may reduce air distribution, losing heat that overworks your HVAC in a bid to replace the lost air. Blockages also restrict airflow causing irregular or underheating or cooling in some areas of your home.

Dirty air ducts may also reduce airflow or contaminate your indoor air. Ensure you have an HVAC expert inspect your ductwork and clean it to ensure it’s in its best condition.

Older Thermostats

Newer models of HVAC systems use innovative versions of programmable thermostats. In older homes with older HVAC systems, you’ll l likely find the use of traditional thermostats. Since a thermostat function as the brain of your HVAC system, older thermostats may lead to inefficiency of your HVAC system.

Malfunctioning thermostats may also contribute to your system overworking, causing high energy bills and system exhaustion. Consider upgrading the thermostat of your HVAC system to a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat also increases your HVAC control. Their designs allow you to control and manage your new energy-efficient system remotely.

An Older HVAC System

Since HVAC systems last for an average of 12-20 years, an older home may still possess an old and aging heating and cooling system. The HVAC system may work effectively depending on the previous homeowner’s maintenance routine, but you don’t know for a fact if they correctly maintained the system.

If your HVAC system is malfunctioning, it may constantly cycle on and off. That results in the ineffective heating of your home and thus a potential need for a replacement. Replacing your HVAC might be the best, and most cost-friendly, solution for your aging HVAC system.

No Zoning Compatibility

If you are purchasing an older house with numerous rooms, the thought of separate air conditioning may have crossed your mind. However, most older homes don’t feature HVAC systems and thermostats that are compatible with zoning. Zoning allows your AC system to heat and cool different parts of your home effectively independently.

Ductless AC systems allow you to air condition parts of your home, such as only the living room when watching TV or your bedroom as you sleep. We suggest hiring our HVAC professionals to install a ductless AC system for zonal heating and cooling in your old home.

It’s crucial to ensure an older house is well inspected and has a properly functioning HVAC system before moving in. Reach out to our HVAC experts here at Vic’s Air Conditioning Service for HVAC repairs and installation.

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