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Summers in Thousand Palms, CA, are certainly worth enjoying, but sometimes, that’s only possible with air conditioning. Since there are many possible causes of diminished airflow, it’s important to approach any airflow challenges you have with a thorough inspection. Here, we cover why airflow matters and how we can improve it.

Make Sure the Filters Are Clean

The air your building receives has particles in it apart from the concentration of oxygen we all need. Filters trap dirt and debris from the air so that you have clean air in your home. However, over time, your filter gets full of these particles, so you must change it.

Maintaining good airflow is about ensuring that cool air reaches you when you request it. Air quality is another factor, but as air movement relates to your AC, airflow is what your unit needs to extract heat from your building. Any time that air doesn’t flow, it remains hot and doesn’t recycle for use in breathing or staying cool.

Open or Adjust Vents and Registers

Vents are openings within your walls that connect to your HVAC ductwork. Vents, specifically, enable air to enter your rooms, while registers, which look the same, work to return that air back to your AC’s condenser coils. Registers often sit high up toward the ceiling.

As heat collects above, the registers suck it in back toward the condenser and thus recycle your air in a continuous flow. Your registers and vents might need a good cleaning, repair, or replacement if they’re the cause of your stalled air. Clogged vents or registers lead to problems since your system compensates by overworking.

Eliminate Leaks in Your Ducts and Air Conditioner

Air leaks develop when openings within your HVAC system enable pressurized air to leave its intended path of flow. You’ll not only lose the air your system takes in, but as it struggles to achieve peak performance, your HVAC will run continuously. Straining your system this way can lead to other malfunctions later on.

Your HVAC system requires a complete seal to ensure that its positive pressure moves air where you request it. A small opening can gradually expand to become a large hole. Duct maintenance and cleaning are ideal services when you’re searching for air leaks.

Consider Adjusting the Size of Your Ducts

Volume, which measures the amount of air that flows into your HVAC, may call for large or small ducts. Ducts that are too large for your building will not deliver the cooling you desire. Alternatively, ducts that are too large may overwhelm your appliances and even overchill you.

We tend to look at airflow in terms of tonnage within your HVAC. A specialist must measure the volume needed for your building space, which we gauge in tons. We start by finding out the square footage of your floor space.

Use Your Fans

Fans help HVAC systems to circulate air, but since you can install fans anywhere, you can dictate the air quality of any specific interior space. Additionally, fans are helpful in areas that your technicians know to be a challenge regarding air pressure. The construction of your home or business facility might even be different from room to room.

High ceilings in the foyer, for example, don’t have to cause airflow issues if fans compensate for the open space. You have the option of static fans that work well against resistance. Airflow fans, however, are good at moving large volumes of air.

Schedule a Quick Inspection for Better Airflow

If you’re preparing for the summers of Thousand Palms, CA, then you need the ideal balance of airflow and cooling for your specific building. Get in touch with our team at Vic’s Air Conditioning to repair your AC and provide regular maintenance to keep it working right. Our technicians are available now for a quick consultation to give you a better indoor environment.

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