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You’re familiar with the normal hum and murmurs of your heating system, but if you hear unusual sounds coming from the furnace in Rancho Mirage, CA, it’s time to call in a heating expert. Below are three of the more troubling sounds you might hear after turning on your furnace.

A Bang as the Furnace Ignites

If there’s a loud bang as your furnace is firing up this is potentially a mini-explosion from gas buildup due to a dirty ignition system. The dangerous part is if the explosion is strong enough or it happens enough times, it can create leaks that allow deadly carbon monoxide gas to enter your home. It’s best to get an HVAC professional in right away to fix this before someone gets hurt or your unit is damaged and has to be replaced at greater expense.

Squeaks or Squeals

A squealing noise from the furnace when the heat is on might be a blower fan belt wearing out. The belt can fray and wear down over time from turning the fan. Having it replaced will fix the squeal if that’s the problem. Alternatively, the blower wheel could be squeaking because it needs cleaning or lubricating. If the fan breaks down, you’ll be left without heat, which can be problematic for obvious reasons.

Metal Scraping

The sound of metal scraping against metal usually comes from the blower wheel itself. This part is the most likely culprit, coming loose or getting knocked off-kilter and then grinding on the casing or other parts. While it’s usually a simple fix for an equipped technician it can lead to costly repairs if ignored until serious damage is done.

If you’re worried about strange sounds coming from your heating unit, call Vic’s Air Conditioning today. Our certified technicians will assess the situation and provide sound solutions that put your mind at ease.

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