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You’re probably already familiar with the normal creaks, squeaks and pops that your house makes. However, if you start hearing certain noises coming from your furnace, you may have a serious problem with your home’s heating system. Different noises can signal different issues, and you need to know what these three odd sounds mean for the health of your furnace.

Metal on Metal

The sound of metal scraping against metal will quickly get your attention. Generally, one piece of metal in your furnace scrapes against another when the blower wheel breaks and begins to hit the metal housing around it. Even though this seems like a minor issue, a loose blower wheel can do serious damage to the housing and other components near it in your furnace.

Thumping or Knocking

Another possible side effect of a loose blower wheel, your furnace should never sound like it is thumping or knocking while it’s in use. In addition to the blower wheel, it is possible for your furnace’s motor to get out of balance and move around while it runs. Once a professional repair technician checks out your system, you’ll know what the source of your thumping sound is.


In some cases, a squealing sound coming from your furnace may be so high-pitched that you can barely hear it. However, once you recognize this sound, you should immediately call a professional service tech to find the cause. A squealing furnace typically lacks lubrication, and you may also have a loose fan belt.

If your furnace lacks lubrication, the internal components may suffer. A loose fan belt can break or come loose and wreak havoc on your furnace’s interior.

Our team has been identifying and repairing furnace issues in Indio, CA, for more than two decades. Call Vic’s Air today to find out about our repair and installation services that keep your home’s heating and cooling systems running the right way.

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