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When the time comes to purchase a new heat pump, you’ll have to weigh certain factors to make your decision. Here are three important questions homeowners in La Quinta, CA should ask before choosing a new heat pump.

1. What Kind of Heat Pump Should I Get?

Two main kinds of heat pumps are air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps. The former can either extract heat from or deposit it into the surrounding air (depending on whether they are in heating or cooling mode), and the latter uses a special pipe network to do the same with the air underground. Ground-source heat pumps are almost always quite a bit more expensive than air-source heat pumps, but they also usually last longer.

Another decision you’ll have to make is whether you’ll get a ductless system or one with ducts. Ductless heat pumps take up much less room, but we recommend consulting with HVAC professionals to figure out what works best for your home.

2. What’s the Warranty?

New HVAC systems typically include some type of coverage, and some systems will have better warranties than others. Some may last longer than others and cover the cost of both parts and labor on repairs, while others only cover parts. Try to choose a heat pump system that comes with a warranty that suits both your needs and your budget.

3. What About the Thermostat?

As long as you’re upgrading your heat pump, you might want to update your thermostat. A great variety of different programmable and smart thermostats exist with subtly different features. Check out your choices carefully, as there are options for monitoring your energy consumption or setting scheduled temperature adjustments remotely.

When purchasing a new heat pump, let our experts help you find the right one. Call Vic’s Air Conditioning Service and request heat pump installation services near La Quinta, CA.

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