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An aging system will struggle to keep your home cozy during dry, chilly weather in Palm Springs, CA. If your system is over 15 years old, it may be time for a replacement. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a residential furnace.

1. A Suitable Heating Capacity for Your Home

For optimum performance, your furnace needs to match the demands of your home. Equipment whose capacity exceeds the heating load will have to keep switching on and off. On the other hand, if it fails to meet the heating demand, it will run continuously.

Therefore, a professional assessment is necessary before you settle on a furnace. A certified technician will evaluate many factors including, climate, building orientation, and insulation.

2. The Efficiency of Your New Furnace

When looking for a new furnace, efficiency is one of the critical factors to consider. The rating for most heating systems is the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Modern furnaces can have AFUE ratings of up to 98%.

A heat pump is one of the most energy-efficient options for mild climates. Heat pumps utilize a refrigerant mechanism to move heat from the outdoors to the indoors in winter. As such, they can reduce between 20 and 40% of your home’s energy consumption.

3. New System’s Ease of Installation

The structure of your home can influence your choice of a residential furnace. You may require additional infrastructure for your system to work. For example, a gas furnace may be inexpensive to run, but without a venting system, the installation will incur extra expenses.

Where there are infrastructural challenges, one of the best solutions is a ductless mini-split system. You can use it for heating in places without existing ductwork. Mini-split systems are popular for mother-in-law suites, renovated garages, and guest rooms.

If you suspect that you need a new furnace, schedule an appointment with Vic’s Air Conditioning service team today. Our NATE-certified technicians can offer dependable furnace replacement

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