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A thermostat relays your requested temperature to your HVAC system. If you have an outdated thermostat, your device may not send signals to the HVAC unit efficiently, thus interfering with the system’s ability to keep you comfortable. Let’s review some problems that can occur from having an older thermostat in Indio, CA.

1. Short Cycling

Short cycling is a situation where the system turns on and off too frequently. A faulty thermostat can signal your system to turn off before completing a cycle and then prompt it to turn on again. A short cycling unit breaks down more often due to the increased strain on its components; hence, you should have the underlying problem addressed quickly.

2. Your HVAC System Does Not Turn On

Ideally, your HVAC system should start a temperature regulation cycle after you input the instructions on the thermostat. This shows that it has received the instructions.

Frayed wiring hinders communication between the two components. Therefore, the HVAC system fails to turn on because it does not receive instructions from the thermostat.

Don’t attempt to fix damaged wiring yourself if you are not an HVAC professional. You may accidentally cause more damage, thus increasing the possible repair costs.

3. Wrong Temperature Readings

If your house is not at the temperature your thermostat shows on the screen during the cold season, the device may be on its last legs. You can confirm whether the thermostat is reading indoor temperatures accurately by using a portable thermometer to measure your indoor temperature.

4. High Energy Bills

An outdated thermostat may sense indoor temperatures inaccurately and prompt the HVAC system to work for a longer period than necessary. This causes your system to consume more energy, resulting in increased energy bills.

An old or outdated thermostat can affect your system’s lifespan, indoor comfort, and energy costs. We will advise you on the best thermostat for your home and install it professionally. Contact Vic’s Air Conditioning for exceptional installation services in your Indio, CA home.

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