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Dirty air ducts in your home in Rancho Mirage, CA, can create an uncomfortable living environment for your family. However, depending on how dirty your HVAC system’s air ducts are and how often you have them cleaned, they could have a big impact on your family’s health; and the buildup of dust and debris can lead to respiratory problems for everyone in your home. The following are four ways dirty air ducts can affect your family’s health.

1. Worsen Pre-Existing Ailments

If you have asthma or allergies to dust or other contaminants, dirty air ducts in your home could worsen your pre-existing health condition. Dust can irritate the lungs and trigger asthma attacks. If you suffer from a respiratory condition, you may want to contact a professional air duct cleaning company in your area to have your air ducts cleaned and get your house’s HVAC system serviced and up-to-date.

2. Fatigue

Another effect of dirty air ducts in your home is tiredness and general exhaustion. The dust and debris can irritate your respiratory system, making you very tired and causing sore throats and a sore chest. Ensure you get regular HVAC maintenance on your system’s air ducts through a scheduled air duct cleaning service to keep the system fresh and unclogged.

3. Disease Transmission

Dead animals in your air ducts may be a problem in your home. Rodents or insects could crawl into the vents and die in your air ducts, harboring disease. As the carcass decays, it can release bacteria and viruses into the air, leading to serious respiratory problems in your home that may be contagious.

4. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Dirty air ducts can significantly impact the air quality in your home, diminishing your living environment. As dust accumulates and builds up, it becomes difficult to breathe properly. You may develop several symptoms that could interfere with your daily routine, such as flu.

To ensure you have good respiratory and general health, have your HVAC system’s air ducts cleaned regularly. At Vic’s Air Conditioning Service, we offer a complete line of duct cleaning services with flexible scheduling, so call us today. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you and your family breathe with ease at home.

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