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It is possible to keep your Palm Springs, CA, home cool and still be environmentally friendly. All you have to do is make sure your HVAC system is energy efficient.

There are many benefits to having a unit that helps preserve the world’s natural resources. Most homeowners have found that upgrading to an energy-efficient HVAC system is a win-win situation — it’s as beneficial to them as it is to the environment. You could save money on your utility bills while lowering your carbon footprint.

Refrigerants Are Eco-Friendly

Outdated HVAC units are being replaced because the newer units contain eco-friendly refrigerant. Prior to 2010, HVAC systems partly depleted the ozone and played a part in climate change.

The reason for this was because of the use of R-22, which is no longer allowed in the U.S. While R-22 was the standard in HVAC systems for many years, new refrigerants have a lower ozone depletion potential. This means that upgrading your system reduces the possibility of doing more environmental damage.

Instead of using R-22, manufacturers now install R-410 refrigerant into their HVAC systems. This is the new standard refrigerant used by HVAC companies because it has no negative effect on the ozone.

Installing new refrigerant saves energy because your system won’t need to use as much compression to cool your home. As a result, the unit automatically becomes more energy efficient. In addition to making it more eco-friendly, new refrigerants can actually extend the life of your central air conditioner.

Fewer Emissions From Carbons

Electricity created based on grids uses crude oil and other fossil fuels. This drains resources that cannot be replenished. To avoid this, you need an updated energy-efficient HVAC system.

Almost half of the energy you use in your home goes toward running heating and central air conditioner system. For this reason, having an energy-efficient HVAC system is extremely important.

The more efficient your home’s cooling system is, the less the climate becomes polluted. It allows for a major decrease in the emission of carbon dioxide into the air. Embracing an energy-efficient HVAC slows down the use of finite fossil fuels.

Lessens Pressure On Power Plants

Today’s power plants are overextended thanks to the worldwide use of energy. One way to help lessen the pressure on them is to have an energy-efficient HVAC system installed. By lowering emissions, there is less damage done to the environment.

Global climate change is becoming an increasing problem every day. For this reason, you are encouraged to ensure your HVAC system is as energy-efficient as possible. The use of these systems means that power plants and factories no longer need to use as much water as they did in the past.

A Ripple Effect

Having an efficient heating and cooling system has a ripple effect. By using less energy, Americans, and our government, save more money. This frees up more money for pursuing resources that accumulate energy. Another benefit is that by conserving energy there is more available to use in the future.

Sustainable Development

By using energy-efficient HVAC systems, you can do your part to help conserve valuable resources such as water, natural gas, coal and oil. The energy you are saving allows for sustainable development.

Pollution control is also made easier by conserving energy too. The less efficient your HVAC system is, the more it contributes to the pollution of the air around you.

To do your part in keeping the environment clean and healthy, make sure you call Vic’s Air Conditioning Service in Palm Springs. Our staff will tune up your existing HVAC system or install a new one in your home if necessary. Before you know it, you will be keeping your home comfortable and helping the environment at the same time.

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