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Duct cleaning visits eliminate dust and address common air quality challenges in Rancho Mirage, CA, but new studies show that they can also lower your energy bills by as much as 37 percent. Read on to see how a cleaning can help you save.

Dirty Ducts and HVAC Efficiency

Your HVAC system is constantly bombarded by dust and dirt. The return filter is the only thing that protects your equipment. Even so, pollutants can enter through cracks in the ductwork due to the suction that your heating and cooling system creates when it runs.

Particles that accumulate in the ductwork reduce the airflow rate by increasing the physical resistance. It only makes sense that the ducts may need periodic deep cleaning to remove allergens and increase the system’s efficiency, especially if you’ve noticed a decline in air quality or if particles are recirculating through your living space.

Professional Cleaning Services for HVAC Ducts and Equipment

In addition to settling into the recesses of the ductwork, incoming dust coats your air conditioner’s internal parts, including the evaporator coils and fins. This buildup can inhibit the heat exchange rate and drastically reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency. In duct cleaning studies, the majority of energy savings came from the improved performance of these components. That’s why reputable HVAC companies always clean the coils, fins, and air distribution plenums. This is essential for achieving optimal energy efficiency and for preventing recontamination.

Correcting Airflow Imbalances

The cleaning process also gives us a chance to examine the ductwork. If we find any problems, we can perform repairs and seal air leaks. We can also replace any sections that have been permanently damaged. Studies show that ductwork improvements can reduce your heating and cooling bills by 20 percent. To learn more about the benefits of duct cleanings, call Vic’s Air Conditioning today at (760) 289-5998, or check out our HVAC services online.

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