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Coachella Valley has mild winters, but you still need reliable heating. Make sure your equipment is good to go by scheduling heater maintenance now. Here’s why it’s so important:

Rule Out Safety Issues

Heating systems can be hazardous without proper maintenance. Furnaces can develop gas and carbon monoxide leaks. Heat pumps can have poor electrical connections. An HVAC service technician will check all gas, oil and electrical lines. They will also ensure that the heat exchanger and other furnace components are operating safely.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps can save you a bundle on winter heating costs, but they need seasonal maintenance to perform optimally. Furnaces consume more energy, but seasonal tune-ups will keep your energy costs as low as possible. A clean heater is an energy-efficient machine.

Help to Maintain Healthy Indoor Air

After an active heating season, your furnace or heat pump will be coated with dust and dirt. As part of high-quality heater services, this dirty buildup will be cleared away to prevent it from polluting indoor air. Be sure to check your filter often. Replace it whenever the filter material isn’t visible through the dirt.

Preserve Warranties and Extend Equipment Service Life

Properly maintained HVAC systems last longer and perform better than their poorly maintained counterparts. Units that receive quality heater service can live almost twice as long as neglected systems. Preventive maintenance also keeps your warranties valid to protect you if something goes wrong.

Reduce Potential Heating Repairs

Extensive industry research shows that most heater repair calls could be prevented with quality heater services. Your HVAC technician can correct problems waiting to happen and eliminate unpleasant surprises down the road.

The knowledgeable service specialists at Vic’s Air Conditioning can keep your home warm and your heating expenses low. Call us at (760) 289-5998 to learn more.

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