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Investing in a new HVAC system is something more homeowners in Thousand Palms, CA are doing as temperatures become more extreme with each season. If you’ve decided to have one installed in your home, it’s important to know what to expect. Here are some simple things you can do to prepare for the day of your HVAC installation to make the process go smoothly.

Move Furniture

If possible, move furniture away from work areas before your appointment window. You can also move heavy items from walls for easier access to ducts.

Choose the Right Time

It’s important to be present at the time of installation, as the technicians will need to discuss placement and other details with you. Ensure you’re readily available by choosing a time when you know you’ll be at home.

Find a Place for Your Pets

Animals, especially if they are aggressive or scared, can be problematic when an HVAC installation crew comes into your home. This is especially true for pets that try to run out the door, as the team will come in and out of the house often. We highly recommend that you place your dog or cat in a room that installers won’t need to access.

Clean Up

Improve safety for everyone by cleaning up anything on your floors, such as toys or large obstructions. If any debris is outside your Thousand Palms, CA home, cleaning up will make it easier to install the outdoor condenser.

Before installation day, talk to our HVAC technicians to learn more about their process and how long it may take. By understanding more about your new heating and cooling unit, you can anticipate how much space to clear and how long you’ll need to be home. For advice or answers to your questions about having a new HVAC system installed, give our team at Vic’s Air Conditioning Service a call today.

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