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Ductless (mini-split) air conditioners solve unusual residential cooling problems, but sometimes they present their own set of cooling problems. There are many reasons that your system no longer cools your Thousand Palms, CA, home. We’ll explain the four main culprits here for you.

Could Improper Installation Affect Functionality?

Proper installation of your ductless air conditioner requires following the manufacturer’s instructions. One important thing the instructions say is to use stranded mini-split communication wire.

Messing this step-up can lead to poor signal, damaged or destroyed compressor or boards, odd noises, and communication error codes. That is why it important always to have a professional perform installation.

How Old is Your Ductless Air Conditioner?

Ductless air conditioners can last more than 10 years. If you’re having trouble figuring out why your ductless air conditioner isn’t cooling down your home or room, your system could just be old and need replacement.

Could the Compressor be the Problem?

Your system’s compressor should deliver cool air more efficiently into your Thousand Palms, CA, home than a traditional HVAC system can. However, compressor failure happens. If you’ve got a failed compressor, your air conditioning professional can replace it for you.

Lengthen Your System’s Functionality

A ductless air conditioner consists of an electrical board, refrigerant pipes, fans, valves, evaporator and condensing coils, the compressor and a remote controller. This kind of system can actually break if it is not well-maintained. Even snow that’s allowed to remain on the outdoor unit can affect your air conditioner’s ability to work properly.

Your ductless air conditioner should efficiently and effectively cool your home. Still, improper installation, age, compressor failure and lack of maintenance can cause it to stop cooling as it should. If your ductless air conditioner isn’t doing its job, contact Vic’s Air Conditioning Service today to find out why.

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