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Have you ever noticed that no matter how many times you vacuum your Indian Wells, CA home, there’s always more dust? Often, this dust is not being picked up by the vacuum because it’s not on your floor. Here is a list of some of the unexpected places that you should be cleaning because they could be harboring unwanted dust in your house.

Benefits of Removing Hidden Dust

Dust that’s out of sight and out of mind may not seem like a pressing issue that you need to address. However, this dust can be problematic for you and your home. Dust in your home can be stirred up out of these hidden areas and make your home look less than clean, even after you’ve spent time cleaning it. This dust can impact the health of everyone living in your home. Individuals with respiratory issues, such as asthma, can find their condition aggravated due to the dust. Your HVAC equipment can even be damaged by accumulated dust.

Underneath Furniture and Appliances

Remember when you moved your furniture around the last time and found a lot of hidden dust and dust bunnies? It can be beneficial to sweep or vacuum under your furniture and appliances regularly to help battle the ever-present dust that settles in these areas. It may seem like a hassle to move your heavy appliances, but cleaning behind them can be beneficial in improving their airflow, which allows them to work better.

Upper Reaches of Your Home

When was the last time you cleaned the top of your refrigerator or bookcase? It’s often easier to remember to clean under things since you usually clean the floor. However, you may be neglecting places that could harbor dust closer to your ceiling. You’ll want to take a duster and clean in these areas to help keep the dust in your home down to a minimum. There may be some places that you don’t even think of, such as at the top of the trim above your windows.

Your Electronics and Fans

There are few things in your home that actively attract dust like electronics and fans. Cleaning around these items can help to reduce the hidden dust in your home. Plus, removing the dust can help to keep them in excellent working order. You may find it beneficial to invest in canned air to thoroughly clean the dust in your electronics and fans. If you can’t reach the blades of your ceiling fans, there are attachments that can fit on the end of a broom to help you clean them.

Air Ducts Throughout Your Home

The air ducts inside of your walls can also be harboring dust. Have you ever noticed that when your HVAC unit kicks on, dust is stirred and comes out of the vents? Dust by your vents can signal that your ducts are dirty and require a good cleaning. A professional duct cleaning service will remove any dust and potential blockages in your system. Not only will this cleaning stop the dust from entering your living space, but it will also help your HVAC system to work more efficiently.

Your HVAC System Filters

A clogged HVAC filter can be another place where dust hides in your home. The filter is intended to clean out the air entering your HVAC system that is then pushed out as conditioned air throughout your home. As the air enters it, the filter removes the dust and traps it inside. Over time, the filter can become so full of dust that it can’t effectively trap more dust inside of it or easily bring in air to the HVAC unit. Changing your HVAC filter can make a difference in how your system runs and the amount of dust that gets trapped.

Unwanted dust doesn’t stand a chance when you know where to look for it. Are you ready to get rid of even more dust by getting your ducts cleaned? Contact us at Vic’s Air Conditioning by calling us at 760-289-5998. Our professionals can help you get to the bottom of your dust issues and improve the air quality in your home.

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