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Zoning your Palm Desert, CA home for comfort gives you the ability to maintain optimal temperatures in every living space. It puts an end to persistent cold spots during the winter and keeps your entire home cool and comfortable all summer long. Whether you’re installing new HVAC equipment or upgrading an existing system, we’re here to help you get in the zone. From lower utility bills to customized comfort, our expert HVAC services will ensure that you enjoy all the perks of home zoning.

Personalize Your Comfort with a Modified Central HVAC System

When temperatures top 100 degrees in the Coachella Valley, a well-functioning air conditioner is critical to your comfort. If your current central AC system does a poor job at keeping your whole home cool, call Vic’s Air Conditioning. We’ll analyze your existing equipment to determine if reconfiguring the system for home zoning is a viable option. If so, we can install motorized dampers in the ductwork to control airflow and keep everyone chill. We’ll connect multiple thermostats to a central controller so that you can set different temperatures for individual living spaces.

Enjoy Improved Efficiency with a New Zoning System

Not every existing central HVAC system is a good candidate for home zoning. Systems with single-stage compressors weren’t built to accommodate different amounts of airflow. While modifications may still be possible, decreases in energy efficiency may offset the benefits of zoned cooling and heating. New heat pumps with variable-speed compressors automatically adjust airflow to meet your comfort needs. They’re engineered to maximize the efficiency, comfort and value of a zoned HVAC system. Dual-purpose heat pumps also provide heating as well as cooling, offering you an all-in-one solution for home zoning comfort.

Go Ductless for Optimal Comfort and Savings

Also known as mini-split heat pumps, ductless heating and cooling systems are all about zoning. Instead of relying on ductwork, they deliver air directly into individual living spaces. You have control over the fan and temperature setting in every zone. In addition to ending arguments over temperature preferences, ductless mini-splits save you money on energy bills. They eliminate the losses associated with leaky ducts, which can account for up to 30 percent of a central-air system’s energy consumption. Here’s how the money-saving technology works:

  • Individual air handlers connect to a single outdoor unit that houses an inverter-driven compressor.
  • An inconspicuous conduit installed behind each air handler links to the outdoor equipment.
  • Individual thermostats let you personalize temperature settings in every living space.

Choose the Ideal Zoning System

Efficiency and comfort are just two factors to consider when selecting a home zoning system. Upfront costs and ease of installation matter too. For newer central HVAC systems, adding automatic dampers and a new control system may do the trick. A new installation is likely a more cost-effective option for outdated systems. When it comes to adaptability, it’s hard to beat ductless HVAC systems. Perfect for homes where ductwork installations aren’t feasible, ductless works well for virtually any application. Quick and easy to install, it lets you enjoy all the perks of a zoned comfort system with minimal disruption.

Your Local Home Zoning Experts

Long-term enjoyment of your zoned HVAC system depends on the expertise of the technicians who install it. Improper techniques can cause harm to existing equipment and compromise the efficiency of new installations. Since 1999, Vic’s Air Conditioning has provided expert HVAC services throughout the Coachella Valley. We understand the region’s unique climate challenges, and we know how to master them. Our team of professionals has the experience you want when you invest in a home zoning system.

Whether we’re retrofitting ductwork or installing a brand new HVAC system, quality comes first at Vic’s Air Conditioning. To learn more about the advantages of zoned comfort systems, check out our ductless AC section or call 760-289-5998 today!

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