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The one thing standing between you and a comfortable Thousand Palms, CA summer is a broken-down HVAC system. It’s important to understand how to keep your air conditioner running well. Learn the top four reasons why your HVAC unit might not be operating correctly and how to get your equipment working at an optimal level.

Problem With the Start Capacitor

If the fan in your outdoor AC unit isn’t spinning, then you’ll notice that your home isn’t cooling down properly. Check your fuse box or breaker first. You may have a couple of issues going on if a reset doesn’t get the fan going again.

Dirt, debris, or rust may have caused the fan to stop working. Another possibility is that the start capacitor or fan motor might be faulty. This typically is the case if the compressor is still functioning.

Don’t ever stick your fingers into the unit with the intent of getting the fan moving. You can cut your fingers if the fan begins moving. Instead, your next step is to call out a professional HVAC technician.

Turn off the AC unit if the compressor is working. A functioning compressor might burn out as the system tries to get a non-working fan moving. The result will be a major AC unit repair job.

Dirty Air Filters or an Improperly Set Thermostat

If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cool enough air, then it’s possible that the thermostat isn’t set correctly. Another issue could be dirty or clogged air filters.

The evaporator coils might freeze when air can’t move easily through the dirty filters. Replace or clean your air filters immediately. Schedule a service call if your AC unit still isn’t producing cold air.

Leaking Water

Do you see water leaking from your outside AC unit? If so, you might have a drain pipe blockage, a broken condensate pan, or the unit may need refrigerant, all of which require the services of a professional.

Loose Parts or a Bad Belt

Your HVAC system might need a new belt if you hear screeching noises. If you hear rattling noises, then you might have a loose part somewhere in the system. Get your system inspected by a professional immediately.

Has it been a long time since your last HVAC system maintenance check? We encourage you to call one of our friendly representatives at Vic’s Air Conditioning. We’ll schedule your HVAC system tune-up and make sure your family is comfortable throughout the entire summer.

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